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Cheerfest summer camp 2017

monday august 28th 9.30am - 5.30pm

A day of stunting, tumbling and cheer training, compete with special guest workshops you won't want to miss out on! Hosted by Aviators Cheer at Level Up Academy in Leeds, the regions most fully equipped and modern training facility and led by a team of industry leading coaches you're guaranteed to level up your skills!

We've decided to pack as much cheerleading as possible into this camp!

Please note Cheerfest Summer Camp is for ages 10+

Special guests to be announced! ;)

Schedule for the day

9.30am - 10.00am | Registration

10.00am - 12pm | Advanced Stunting
In this session we'll be pushing you all to try some more advanced stunting techniques! Inversions, release moves and twists are the order of the day here! If you've ever wanted to try out some of the more impressive elite cheerleading stunts then this is for you! Don't worry though if you're newer to cheer our coaching staff will bring you up to speed in no time at all! 

12pm - 1.30pm | Breakout Sessions
We'll be running 2x 45 minute blocks of breakout sessions. Here's where the choice comes in! You pick what you want to do! These sessions are designed to be specifically beneficial to your cheer practice or just to try something new and different! 

Each breakout session is 45 minutes and is as follows;

Advanced basket skills for flyers
Utilising our trampoline, you will learn advanced basket skills in a totally safe manner. Kick fulls, doubles and inversions.

Jump technique and flexibility 
Danielle Robinson from Yorkshire Martyrs will lead you through a tough session focused on sharpening your technique for hitting those jump positions! It's all about those toes!

Aerial Hoop/Silks
Aerial hoop is an amazing discipline and our aerial instructor Ohiane will take you through the basics of this amazing artform which mixes the beauty and grace of dance with the strength and fitness of gymnastics!

1.30pm - 2pm | Lunch

Lunch is not provided so please bring a pack lunch with you on the day!

2pm - 4.30pm | Tumble Clinic

With our full sized sprung floor, tumble track into pit and air track we are guaranteed to level up your tumbles! The aim of this session is to give you the skills and drills to take your tumbling to the next level.


4.30pm - 5.30pm | Open Gym
Final chance to rock your skills at Cheerfest with a final open cheer jam! Now is the perfect time to get those instagram clips! Our coaches will be on hand to help you hit any skills you want to try!





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