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Please note the new grading structure which is to take effect immediately.

Gradings will now take place every 3 months during a Monday session and a Saturday session. 

Monday Gradings.

5.30pm-6.15pm - Orange Band
6.15pm - 7pm - Blue Band
7pm - 7.45pm - Red Band

Saturday Gradings.

12.30pm-1.15pm - Orange Band
1.15pm - 2pm - Blue Band
2pm - 3.30pm - Tumble
3.30pm - 4.15pm - Red Band

Upcoming grading dates

Monday 2/7/18 + Saturday 7/7/18
Monday 1/10/18 + Saturday 6/10/18
Monday 7/1/19 + Saturday 12/1/18

Please note the following points about gradings.


  1. Gradings are held every 3 months starting with the first Monday of that month and then the Saturday of that week.

  2. Gradings for all band levels are held on both days.

  3. All normal sessions on that day will not be running.

  4. Grading sessions are included in membership prices/are the standard drop in price. There is no extra fee for gradings.

  5. For Parkour, if you pass you will need to purchase your new grading band (£2) these will be available at the end of the grading.

  6. Please arrive to grading sessions 10-15 minutes early. Anyone turning up late will have missed part of the grading and these movements/parts will not be repeated. You may leave once your grading is finished, no need to stay for other grades.

  7. Please ensure you have your training books and current bands (parkour) with you on grading days. Books are included in your membership price or are £2 for drop in students. You can purchase/receive books on the grading day if necessary.

  8. All movements in your current grade will be assessed by your coach. Some grades will require all movements to be mastered others will only require a certain percentage to pass. This will be explained to you on the day.

  9. If students miss out on their next grade by only a few movements, these can sometimes be completed in normal sessions without having to wait for the next grading. This is done at our Head Coach’s discretion and will be decided on a case by case basis.

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