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What will Level Up Academy look like?

If you were wondering what Level Up Academy will look like and what kind of facilities we will be offering, then wonder no more!

Level Up Academy will be fully equipped to cater for our primary disciplines of Parkour, Tricking, Cheerleading and Freerunning and much more.

A brand new full 9 panel power sprung floor will ensure maximum floor space for trickers and freerunners as well as providing the regions only fully capable comp size cheer practice area, absolutely crucial for training high level cheer for regional and national competitions! Over 3,000 square feet of custom built modular parkour park designed specifically for traceurs to train on. The modular nature of the park means we can keep things fresh with new lines and new challenges and even designs created to replicate famous session spots. This park will be built together with Leeds College of Building in a pioneering partnership allowing dozens of 2nd and 3rd year joinery students the opportunity to work on a live project (more information about that will be revealed soon!)

A raised tumble platform going straight into a huge foam pit will mean you can take your tumbling to the next level, and an extendable lache bar over the pit means you can try out some higher level moves in complete safety. The pit area is finished off with a full size competition level trampoline to get your bounce on.

Our bar system, fully adjustable with the help of staff, caters for all you bar monkies, as well as providing a bodyweight training station for calisthenics and strength classes. We love gymnastics rings here at Level Up, and you will too!

A dance and fitness area finished off the academy, allowing a whole host of fitness classes to take place. Breakdancing, yoga, martial arts, streetdance are all catered for!

So there you have it, we've crammed as much as we could think of into this 8,000 square foot unit, and the beauty is, we can always adapt and cater for more.

We'll be revealing more about the types of activities already planned for when we open this coming week so be sure to check back!

If you think you might want to make use of our facilities, if you have a class you think could be a good fit for our academy please get in touch!

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