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3 week kids introductory parkour course

All participants signing up to kids (age 9-15) Parkour classes must now complete a 3 week introductory course before attending regular classes. This is so that we can gently introduce your child to the sport of Parkour and give them a really solid foundation to work on before joining the regular classes which can sometimes be daunting, especially for those with no prior experience.

Our 3 week introductory Parkour course will build all the basic skills your child will need to start their journey as a parkour athlete!

During the 4 week course your child will learn the basics of parkour, build strength, agility, coordination and stamina.


All the basic movements will be covered which will give your child the ideal foundation to build their skills.


Once the course is complete your child will be awarded their first white band and then will be allowed to progress onto our progression pathway starting in the White/Green band classes.

When booking onto your course, please ensure you can make all the dates. Your child will not be allowed to progress to the regular classes until they can complete the full course. This is for health and safety reasons. 


Once completed and signed up for regular classes your child will receive a free training book and Level Up T shirt!

AVAILABLE Course Times

When booking please choose the next available start date by clicking the link below. The times are as follows


10am - 11am

Before booking onto the course, ensure you have fully read about our classes using the links on this website and also the 'get started' page

here's what people say about level up

'I cannot recommend this enough. Took my 13 yr old son for Parkour class for the first time. He loved it. The staff & facilities are brilliant & we could see the high standard of achievement of the kids who've been going a while. Definitely going back next week'
- Katharine May

'Tom loved his first session yesterday. The staff were really friendly and made us feel welcome. The equipment was excellent and suitable for both children and adults.'
- Nikie Arthurs

 'Amazing centre with amazing staff! Would highly recommend. Thank you so much to everyone there.'
- Sinead Hardesty

'Parkour session for my boys (aged 12)(mixed skills/various ages/girls and boys) Sessions were good, they loved it. Patient instructor, good clear instruction and demonstration and lots of skills for boys to practice in the session.'
- Julie Surtees

'Amazing. I come here 3 times a week and I'm 10 years old. I do Parkour and the teachers ( Jim , Ben And Joe ) are so helpful and friendly. Honestly, this is one of my favourite places in the world I'm in love with this place. 5 stars great!!'
- Louis Eskowitz

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