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PARKOUr & freerunning

Parkour is one the most exciting sports around today and  we are committed to ensuring the highest quality Parkour coaching in the region!

Classes are available for both kids and adults alike, and are coached by our fully qualified team of Parkour UK instructors. All our coaches hold up to date qualifications and are regularly DBS checked. 

Classes are a mixture of strength and agility. You will learn the skills and techniques to navigate your environment and be the best version of yourself. Classes are a challenge but great fun! Once you complete your intro course you will be given a training booklet which will be used to focus your training and track your progress. As you learn new techniques and master the basics you will move up to the intermediate class. 


Minis Parkour (Ages 5-8)


Our minis parkour classes are perfect for your little free runners! We run our minis classes in 4 week blocks starting at the beginnng of each month. Classes consist of agility and fun activities all based around Parkour movements. Children will learn to vault, jump, balance and navigate their way through obstacles in our parkour park. Please use the links above to book into the next 4 week block!

Kids Parkour (Ages 9-15)

Everyone attending the kids age 9-15 classes must complete the 3 week introductory course before attending regular training. Please book on using this link. Once your child has completed the course they will be awarded their White band and can attend regular classes. Please speak to a member of staff at reception about booking your child into one or more of our weekly training sessions and setting up your training fees. 

Kids Parkour athletes will be given a grading book which contains a list of essential techniques from beginner to advanced, and also hints, tips and information about the philosophy of Parkour and what it means to be a traceur. Participants are encouraged to work through the skills progression and this is assessed with regular grading sessions.


Beginners start with a white band, then green, orange, yellow, blue, purple, red, grey and black. Athletes will gain their white band once they have completed the 3 week intro course. We believe this system focuses the athlete and gives them a clear pathway to progression.


Adults Freerunning


Adults Freerunning classes are taught classes teaching fundamentals of Parkour and Freerunning. Classes are open for absolute beginners and as well as Parkour contain an acrobatic to training incorporating flipping and tumbling into the skills taught!

Prices 2022

Minis Parkour (6-8) - £40 per 4 week block
Kids Parkour Intro Course (9-15)- £35 3 week block
Kids Parkour Classes (9-15) £40 per month

Adult Parkour (16+)  £40 per month



MINIS Ages 6-8

Sunday 10am - 11am
Mixed Ability


KIDS Ages 9-15


Monday 5pm - 6pm

White/Green Band

Monday 6pm - 7pm
Orange/Yellow Band

Monday 7pm - 8pm
Blue+ Band


Tuesday 5pm - 6pm

White/Green Band

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm

Orange/Yellow Band

Tuesday 7pm - 8pm
Blue+ Band

Saturday 11am - 12pm

White/Green Band

Saturday 12pm - 1pm

Orange/Yellow Band


Saturday 1pm - 2pm

Blue Band+

Sunday 11am - 12pm

White/Green Band

Sunday 12pm - 1pm

Orange/Yellow Band


Sunday 1pm - 2pm

Blue Band+

ADULTS Ages 16+

Tuesday 8pm - 9.30pm

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