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Partner Showcase - White Rose Cheer

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It's mesmerising mix of athleticism, dance and acrobatics has ensured huge popularity in recent years! At Level Up Academy we know how popular this sport is and it's growing all the time so from the beginning we set out to be able to provide a top quality training facility for local and regional cheer teams who struggle to find a suitable venue to train in.

One of these local teams is White Rose Cheer!

Taught by fully qualified cheer coaches Kelly Loughlin and Allie Gray, White Rose Cheer currently has three teams catering for minis, youth and junior athletes. Here's some info taken from their website.

What is competitive cheerleading?

Cheerleading has a stereotypical image of pom-poms and short skirts. In fact, it is an athletic discipline which improves confidence, co-ordination, and flexibility as well as encouraging team work. We have found it to be a great way for children to get more involved in physical activity. Even children that don’t enjoy ‘traditional’ sports and activities or aren’t particularly athletic seem to really enjoy cheerleading as it is by nature, a fun activity.

Modern competitive cheerleading consists of a combination of gymnastics, dance and acrobatic stunts. Teams of up to 35 members compete against other clubs according to age and ability levels. Routines last for 2 minutes 30 seconds and are set to music.

Our sessions will focus on teaching children the required skills needed to perform a cheerleading routine. This includes a warm-up, basic gymnastic skills, stunt technique, dance, performance skills, learning routine choreography and stretches. We use games to keep our sessions fun and stimulating and aim to foster a positive atmosphere where cheerleaders are encouraged by their team-mates for progressing and learning new skills.

To find out more about White Rose Cheer please head over to their website!

If you would like to enquire about running sessions from Level Up Academy either as a one off or on a regular basis, please get in touch!


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