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Level Up in partnership with Leeds College of Building

From the outset, we knew we wanted to engage with the local community in as many different ways we could think of. Early on in our plans, we thought it would be great idea if we could create additional opportunities for local educational establishments in the area whilst creating mutually beneficial outcomes. Given the nature of our project and a large amount of build work and timber construction being needed to form the basis of our parkour park and obstacles, we felt it was a no brainer to approach Leeds College of Building and to see if they would like to get on board with the project and hopefully give the building students a real world project to work on which would inspire them in their studies and give them something to be proud of.

From the very first meeting with Leeds College of Building, the team their were extremely positive and excited about the prospect. We drew up plans with our project manager Rick Terry and planned out how students on the joinery courses could take on the project and had many meetings over recent months as to how to organise the project.

We are pleased to announce that the build is progressing brilliantly, with timber frames being construced at the college construction labs and shipped on site ready for students to arrive after half term and begin construction.

This was taken from a Leeds College of Building press release,

Full-time joinery students from Leeds College of Building are now constructing timber frames that will form a solid staging area and they are also creating obstacles for the parkour and free-running course. In addition, they will create a reception area with students from Leeds College of Building’s plastering course helping with the finish of the centre.

Once complete, Level Up Academy will be added to Leeds College of Building’s enrichment programme which enables students to participate in a huge range of social activities and sports.

Mark Sims, External Project Co-ordinator at Leeds College of Building, says: “We’re always keen to support local organisations and it’s great experience for our students to work on live projects, which greatly enhances their learning, so the Level Up Academy is a fantastic scheme for us to be involved with. It’s also likely that the parkour course will change and evolve regularly so hopefully our students can help to shape it for the foreseeable future.”

We'll be updating this site and our social media with the progress of the build, so watch this space!

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